Receiving a call from a Sheffield student

Each year our team of Student Callers phone Sheffield alumni like you, to catch up and update you with the latest news from your university.

Our students love chatting and hearing stories about your uni days. It’s also great experience for them to find out about a range of different career paths.


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I love hearing about alumni's experiences at the University and the variety of societies they were involved with. It’s great to see where people are working now and how they got there, which shows the hundreds of opportunities available after university."


Student caller

The team are passionate about helping their fellow students experience all Sheffield has to offer. And they are happy to talk to you about how donations from alumni like you are making a huge difference at your university. They're happy to discuss how you can help support aspiring Sheffield students. 

The team will be calling from 6-9pm, Mondays to Thursdays, from November to December. They'll be ringing from the telephone number 0114 222 5598.

If you weren’t able to take the call, the team will try and phone you again another time. If you'd like to be prioritised for a call or would prefer not to chat, please let us know by emailing

What your gifts will support

Donations help a range of different projects at Sheffield and every gift goes directly to helping the areas that are most in need.

In recent years, the government has reduced university funding and scrapped maintenance grants for low-income students. And each year, as living costs rise, it becomes harder and harder for the most disadvantaged students to fulfil their dreams of a university education and gain the degree and skills they need for their career.

That's why we're asking for your help."

Heather Clement

Regular Giving Manager

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Giving talented undergraduates the chance they need to shine

Scholarships to undergraduates give low-income students the inspiration and means to study at Sheffield. The cost of living now far out-weighs the maximum student loan. And many bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds are put off from continuing their education due to fears that they won’t be able to afford to live.

A scholarship can change all that. It plugs the gap and enables students to buy simple day-to-day things like food or the books they need for their course.

Many students who are forced to work excessive hours in part-time jobs, just to make ends meet, are at a serious risk of under-achieving. A scholarship means that they can dedicate the time they need to their studies. And ensure that they have the same opportunities as their peers to make the most of their time at university and achieve their potential.

Scholarships and grants to clubs and societies also ensure that every student can get involved in activities outside of the lecture theatre. It means they can develop skills that are increasingly sought after in the competitive graduate job market. Extra-curricular activities are also really important in helping students build a group of friends who can support them through their course, many of whom will be friends for life!

You can help bright students, eager to study at Sheffield, reach their potential - no matter their background.

Fostering the leaders of tomorrow to create a fairer society

Postgraduate study is now becoming increasingly important for a number of professions, including law, engineering and medicine. Or it might be the first step in a career in research, which could improve or even change lives! Postgraduate scholarships ensure that ambitious and talented students, from all walks of life, can pursue the career they’ve dreamed of.

Your support will help ensure people of all backgrounds are represented in these important jobs, making our society fairer. 

Equipping all students with the tools they need to succeed

Donations also enable departments to put on exciting hands-on projects that give students practical experience and develop the skills needed for the workplace. And, as technology continues to advance, our courses increasingly require students to have access to the latest software in order to keep up with the world of work.

Support for the library and Disability & Dyslexia Service can help every student have access to the technology, extra support and equipment they need for their courses.

Your help will ensure all students are on a level playing field when it comes to their studies - giving each student a fair chance to succeed. 

Making a regular gift

Everyone giving what they can really does add up and changes lives – that’s why our Student Callers ask for regular donations.

None of our projects, including scholarships for low-income students, would be possible without donations.

If 30 alumni like you gave £10 per month, a talented undergraduate student would be able to study at Sheffield with a scholarship. And they'd be reassured to know that there’s a community of alumni who believe in them and want them to succeed.

Unfortunately, each year hundreds of eligible students miss out on scholarships - your support could change that.

Make a regular gift now

Regular gifts are crucial in allowing us to plan for the future and work out just how many students we can support next year.

This makes such a difference to our scholarship students. 

It means they will know that they’ll get a scholarship at Sheffield, while they’re still doing their A-levels. This is such a huge motivation. And could be the difference between coming to uni or not. As you can imagine, knowing they’ll be able to afford to live and make the most of their degree is such a relief.

Every regular gift, whether it’s monthly or annual is incredibly generous.

When you make a regular gift, you’ll become a member of the Silver Arrows Circle and will receive special updates on how you’ve made a difference. You’ll also get the chance to come along to an event and meet the students and researchers who have benefited from your gifts.

One-off donations are also a fantastic way to support Sheffield and our students and researchers are so grateful for anything you can give.

Contact the team

The number that will appear on your phone, when you're called by a Student Caller, is 0114 252 5788 and belongs to Sarah Barnes, the Fundraising Officer at the University of Sheffield.

If you have any questions about donating please give us a call or email

If you'd like to make a gift, this can be done online or by phone (on 0114 252 5788).

Cash gifts can also be made by cheque, payable to 'The University of Sheffield'. You can find more information on donating here.

Thank you from the student call team

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