Global exchanges

Research and teaching in the arts, humanities and social sciences promotes individual and collective cultural self-awareness.

A critical distance on our own identity and attitudes, their strengths and weaknesses, makes us more open about the strength and appeal of alternative views – those of individuals and communities distant from ours in time or space. We strongly believe that research in these areas promotes cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

The University of Sheffield is a global community and works hard to promote global exchange and dialogue about contemporary challenges, informed by diverse individual and cultural perspectives. Research and teaching in arts, humanities and social sciences can help to keep these dialogues open when mainstream politics seems to be erecting barriers rather than taking them down.


Sheffield staff and students work in international contexts, developing mutual understanding and shared knowledge.

Work on all the questions we explore can benefit from seeing them in different contexts, understanding our own blind spots and unspoken assumptions, and sharing what we have to offer with others.

Latest research projects

Huo Yonggang (Chinese Fiddle)