Applying to destinations outside Europe

Information for Sheffield students on how to apply to study abroad somewhere outside of the EU.

Australia (Sydney)


Departments will have their own academic criteria to be eligible to study abroad. Usually you need to achieve a first year average of 60 and be eligible to successfully progress to the following year (e.g. no failed modules). Please check with your department what criteria you need to meet to be allowed to go.

You should check which institutions you can apply for by selecting your department or subject from the where can I go A-Z. Remember to discuss your options with your departmental study abroad adviser.

If you are on a three year degree with an integrated year abroad, you will apply in the first semester of your first year and, if successful, spend your second year abroad. 

If you are on a four year degree, or if study abroad is only available as an additional year, you should express your interest during your first year, and your department will let you know which year you will spend abroad. If you want study abroad in your second year, you must apply in the first semester of your first year.

How to apply

We operate an online application via our Study Abroad Blackboard organisation. The application opens on 1 November each year.

To be given access to the Blackboard organisation, email with the following information:

  • Your registration number
  • Your Sheffield email address
  • Your username

There is lots of useful information about the different destinations on the Blackboard organisation and you can request access without being committed to applying. Once you have been added, you will find the organisation listed under your organisations in Blackboard.

Deadline for applying

The deadline for submitting your online Study Abroad application is 5pm on 1 December. You should make a copy of your application and give this to your study abroad adviser as soon as possible after you have submitted online. Global Opportunities contacts the study abroad advisers after the deadline to request references for all their students, so to help them in this, please meet with them at least once before submitting your application so they know you and your reasons for applying.

If you're unsure about any aspect of the application, speak to your Departmental Study Abroad Adviser or contact Global Opportunities.