GLI Application Process

The GLOSS team are committed to supporting our students at all stages of the application process. This web page outlines the different stages of application, and provides some helpful advice of things to consider when submitting an application to the GLI.

Students are eligible to apply to as many GLI opportunities as they wish. However if selected, you will be unable to apply to attend another summit as we wish to offer the GLI opportunities to as many students as possible.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email:

How do I apply?

For each GLI opportunity you will normally be required to submit the following:

• A 500 word essay in response to a question related to the summit
• An up-to-date CV of maximum 2 pages

This may vary slightly depending on the summit.

Previous examples of essay questions:

“How is entrepreneurship important for global growth and sustainability?” – Global Entrepreneurship Congress, 2016

“Discuss the importance of a potential agenda item at the upcoming summit.” – G7, 2016


  • References should be used in your essay; they do not form part of the word count
  • CVs should be tailored to the specific opportunity and directly demonstrate the skills and achievements you have which are applicable to the role of policy analyst.
  • You can seek support on CV writing from the Careers Service by booking an appointment or visiting their online guidance
  • If you have a Specific Learning Disability (SpLD) and wish this to be considered, please inform GLOSS in confidence ( and we will support you throughout your application.
Interview Stage

If your application impresses the academic staff, you may be shortlisted for interview. Generally each GLI opportunity has around 8 places for students, so we interview around 10-12 applicants. The academic staff who interview applicants will be assessing how applicants can make connections between their course and the issues and debates that will be key themes for discussion at the summit/conference.

At interview, you may be expected to answer questions on the following things:

  • Further discussion of your essay question
  • What policy topic(s) you would be interested in analysing and writing about at the summit
  • What you think you would get out of attending the summit in relation to your current degree and your future career
  • Your experiences which make you suitable for the position of Policy Analyst


  • Don’t panic – these interviews are informal and only around 10 minutes long. You don’t have to prepare anything, and you don’t have to wear formal clothes. The interviews are always a supportive environment.
  • Re-read your application the night before your interview,
  • Make use of the careers service for Interview preparation - they have an online interview simulator, and you can book appointments with them to practice for interviews. Information can be found on their website.

If you have not been selected after your interview, GLOSS will provide you with constructive feedback on your interview performance, which will prove useful for future GLI applications, and also for job applications or internships in the future.

For those students who are selected to attend a GLI Summit, the GLOSS team provides a compulsory pre-summit briefing and training to ensure that you are well equipped and prepared for the opportunity. This usually comprises 2 sessions before your departure. Sessions will vary depending on the nature of the summit/conference.
Typical training includes:

  • 1.5 hour session on using social media - This will include discussion on what makes a good Tweet; who should you follow before you go; how can you use social media in a professional context.
  • The social media session will also give you a chance to practice blog writing and discuss how it differs from academic writing; what makes an eye-catching headline. Come prepared to discuss how you currently engage in social media and learn some new approaches to have the most impact in a professional setting.
  • 1 hour briefing session on the practicalities of the trip - visa, health, money matters etc
  • At the briefing session, your academic leads will discuss key areas of policy debate; expectations for blogs and policy-briefs; and networking skills.

All the trainings are compulsory for successful GLOSS applicants. Please note since GLI is a HEAR-able activity, you must attend these sessions as part of meeting the HEAR criteria.

Equality & Diversity

The GLI is committed to promoting the University’s stance on Equality and Diversity. We hope to attract applicants from all backgrounds and sectors of society. The GLI has an excellent track record of equality action and pro-actively supporting students from all backgrounds to apply for places with the GLI.