Gloss Research Associate

GLOSS Research Associate Scheme

The GLOSS Research Associate Scheme offers funded opportunities for undergraduate students within the Faculty of Social Sciences to work as a GLOSS Research Associate during part of the summer vacation. Undergraduate students from any of the Faculty's departments and who are not in their first or final year of study are eligible to apply.

Applications for the 2018 GLOSS Research Associates are now closed.

Students work in partnership with an academic member of staff whose research interests align with theirs to produce an inspired piece of international research. We encourage applications which fit into one of the Faculty of Social Sciences' broad research themes or align with departmental priorities. Proposed projects could also be part of an ongoing funded research project.

The GLOSS Research Associate Scheme aims for students:

  • to gain direct and meaningful experience of conducting primary research in partnership with academic staff.
  • to become connected with the research activities of the Faculty.

Alongside the funding provision for the student, GLOSS offers additional funding (maximum of £1,000) for academic staff who wish to visit the student in the field, in order to facilitate the research project, whilst also enabling staff to conduct their own related work, e.g. primary research; network building; impact activities. Where appropriate, we would strongly encourage the inclusion of the student in these activities, with credit to be given in any subsequent publications.

The GLOSS Research Associate Scheme enables supervisors to:

  • Advance international research in line with departmental and Faculty research themes.
  • Collaborate further with an existing international partner institution who can act as a co-supervisor of the student while they are abroad.
  • Progress international research interests and activities for both student and supervisor.
  • Pursue an additional dimension to an existing international research project or lay the groundwork for a new project.
  • Work with an enthusiastic and engaged student.
  • Provide a credible research opportunity for an undergraduate student.