Gloss Research Associate

GLOSS Research Associate Scheme

The GLOSS Research Associate Scheme offers funded opportunities for undergraduate students within the Faculty of Social Sciences to work as a GLOSS Research Associate during part of the summer vacation. Undergraduate students from any of the Faculty's departments and who are not in their first or final years of study are eligible to apply. 

Applications for the GLOSS Research Associate Scheme 2018 are now closed. 

GLOSS Research Associates work in partnership with an academic member of staff whose research interests align with theirs to produce an inspired piece of international research. We encourage applications which fit into one of the Faculty of Social Sciences' broad research themes: Sustainable Growth; Wellbeing; Inclusive Society; Digital Society; Innovative Methods.

As a GLOSS Research Associate, you will:

  • Strengthen your understanding and knowledge of a research area which has global relevance and international scope.
  • Receive tailored training on undertaking international research, international fieldwork and research dissemination.
  • Benefit from direct experience of conducting primary research in partnership with a member of academic staff.
  • Contribute to cutting-edge research; experience project management; gain an introduction to academic collaboration; and develop fieldwork skills in an international environment.
  • Broaden your understanding of the research process through engaging in a “live” project of your own conception.
  • Apply knowledge and theory amassed in the classroom in a practical context.
  • Disseminate your work at one or more conferences or showcase events
  • Gain practical experience to improve your employability.
  • Apply your knowledge in ways that can positively impact others.
  • Gain invaluable hands-on research experience should you wish to pursue postgraduate studies.

 Previous projects

See Posters for further information on previous projects.