Dr Gabriella Kakonyi

Gabriella Kakonyi

Ether oxygenate degradation in groundwater
The environmental fate of resin-based dental restoratives

Research Staff and Research Project Manager

Telephone: +44 (0)114 22 25734 or +44 (0)114 22 25725
Room: Kroto G17

email : g.kakonyi@sheffield.ac.uk


2001-2006 MEng in environmental engineering
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU
2006-2011 Marie Curie Research Fellow / PhD in geochemistry and groundwater remediation
University of Leeds, UK and University of Copenhagen, DK
2011-2013 EPSRC Research Fellow in bio-mineral interactions within calcium carbonate systems
University of Sheffield, UK

Gabriella has over 8 years experience in experimental designs and analytical techniques primarily focused on the advancement of groundwater and soil remediation methods and bio-mineral interactions within iron oxide and calcium carbonate systems. Since 2013 she is a member of the GPRG team with responsibilities ranging from environmental research, laboratory and student support and training, and project management.


Research interests

1) Ether oxygenate degradation in groundwater

This research investigates the long term, intrinsic biodegradation potential for ether oxygenate compounds in groundwater in UK aquifers. Using microcosm experiments, the research explores the interactions that occur when such chemicals are biodegraded as mixtures, considering the effect of substrate availability, redox conditions and nutrient capacity. The results will inform risk-based contaminated site restoration approaches such as monitored natural attenuation and in situ bioremediation. The study is part of a long term research programme of the fate of volatile organic and ether oxygenate compounds in groundwater.

Research collaborators:  

2) The environmental fate of resin-based dental restoratives


Publications and other outputs

  1. Sparks, DJ; Romero-Gonzalez, ME; El-Taboni, E; Freeman, CL; Hall, SA; Kakonyi, G; Swanson, L; Banwart, SA and Harding, JH (2015) Adsorption of Poly Acrylic Acid onto the Surface of Calcite: an Experimental and Simulation Study, in review at Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
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  5. Andrews, MY; Leake, JR; Kakonyi, G; Romero-Gonzalez, M; Banwart, SA; Beerling, DJ (2012) Laboratory mesocosm experiments to quantify effects of elevated CO2, plant evolution, and mycorrhizal status on carbon flux and weathering. Mineralogical Magazine, Volume 76, pg 1426
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