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This page hosts outputs produced by members of GPRG, independently or in collaboration with / on behalf of external organisations, as indicated.

CL:AIRE (2015). Transport and fate of LNAPL in the subsurface. Guidance Bulletin GB4 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2015). The plume fringe: a zone of increased potential for biodegradation in contaminant plumes. Advocate Technical Bulletin AB8 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2014). Enhancing bioremediation of groundwater by microbial interaction with a solid state electrode: proof-of-concept. Advocate Technical Bulletin AB3 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2011). Accounting for the groundwater-surface water interface in contaminated land assessments. Technical Bulletin TB15 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2009). Modelling approaches for assessing risks associated with petroleum hydrocarbon spills in the UK Chalk aquifer. Research Bulletin RB8 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2009). Parameterisation of aquifer hydraulic properties: A contaminant hydrogeology perspective Technical Bulletin TB4 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2008). Principles and practice for the collection of representative groundwater samples. Technical Bulletin TB3 (www.claire.co.uk)
CL:AIRE (2007). The use of geophysical investigation techniques for the assessment of contaminated land and groundwater. Technical Bulletin TB5 (www.claire.co.uk).
CL:AIRE (2005). Management of a petroleum plume by monitored natural attenuation. Site Bulletin SB1, pp.4 (www.claire.co.uk).
CL:AIRE (2002). Site characterisation in support of MNA of fuel hydrocarbons and MTBE in a Chalk aquifer in southern England. Case Study Bulletin CSB1 (www.claire.co.uk).
CL:AIRE (2002). Multilevel sampling systems. Technical Bulletin TB2 (www.claire.co.uk).
CL:AIRE (2002). Introduction to an integrated approach to the investigation of fractured rock aquifers contaminated with non-aqueous phase liquids. Technical Bulletin TB1 (www.claire.co.uk).
G.P. Wealthall, A. Steele, G. Harrold, N. Tait, S.A. Leharne and D.N. Lerner (2000). Understanding the threat to UK Permo-Triassic sanstone aquifers from dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs). Invited article for Underground (Newsletter, EA National Groundwater and Contaminated Land Centre). February.
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