Publication Summaries

Summaries of selected GPRG publications are available to view. The reviews avaliable are intended to provide an overview of the bredth of work undertaken within the group

Reference Contact Summary
Zuansi Cai, David N. Lerner, Robert G. McLaren and Ryan D. Wilson (2007)Conceptual analysis of zero-valent iron fracture reactive barriers for remediating a TCE plume in a chalk aquifer. Water Resources Research, 43, W03436 Zuansi Cai Summary
S. Trowsdale and D.N. Lerner, 2007. Assessing the Origin and Age of Urban Ground Water with Depth - A Modelling Approach. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 91, 171-183. David Lerner Summary
Brenda N. Chisala, Nigel G. Tait and David N. Lerner (2007) Evaluating the risks of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) pollution of urban groundwater. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, Volume 91(1-2), 128-145. Brenda Chisala Summary
Bridge, J.W, Banwart, S.A. and Heathwaite, A.L. (2006). Noninvasive quantitative measurement of colloid transport in mesoscale porous media using Time Lapse Fluorescence Imaging. Environ. Sci. Technol., 40 (19), 5930-5936 Jon Bridge Summary
Zuansi Cai, Neil R. Thomson, Ryan D. Wilson and Sascha E. Oswald (2006) A lumped parameter approach to model the treatment of organic contaminants by a granular iron filled fracture. Advances in Water Resources 29 (4): 624-638 Apr 2006 Zuansi Cai Summary
Fernando T. Wakida and David N. Lerner (2006) Potential nitrate leaching to groundwater from house building. Hydrol. Process. 20, 2077–2081 David Lerner Summary
Wu, Y., Lerner, D.N., Banwart, S.A., Thornton, S.F., Pickup, R.W. (2006) Persistence of Fermentative Process to Phenolic Toxicity in Groundwater. Journal of Environmental Quality, 35, 2021-2025 David Lerner Summary
Fernando T. Wakida, David N. Lerner (2005) Non-agricultural sources of groundwater nitrate:
a review and case study. Water Research, 39, 3–16
David Lerner Summary
Ryan D. Wilson, Steven F. Thornton & Douglas M. Mackay (2004) Challenges in monitoring the natural attenuation of spatially variable plumes. Biodegradation 15: 359–369. Ryan Wilson Summary
Dewsbury, P., Thornton, S.F. & Lerner, D.N. (2003) Improved analysis of MTBE, TAME and TBA in petroleum fuel-contaminated groundwater by SPME using deuterated internal standards with GC-MS. Environmental Science and Technology, 37(7), 1392-1397. Steve Thornton Summary
Wei E. Huang, Sascha E. Oswald, David N. Lerner, Colin C. Smith, and Chunmiao Zheng (2003) Dissolved Oxygen Imaging in a Porous Medium to Investigate Biodegredation in a Plume with Limited Electron Acceptor Supply. Environmental Science and Technology, 37, 1905-1911 David Lerner Summary
Ryan D. Wilson, Douglas M. Mackay (2002) Diffusive Oxygen Emitters for Enhancement of Aerobic In Situ Treatment . Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation 22 (2), 88–98. Ryan Wilson Summary
Steven F. Thornton, David N. Lerner, Steven A. Banwart (2001) Assessing the natural attenuation of organic contaminants in aquifers using plume-scale electron and carbon balances: Model development with analysis of uncertainty and parameter sensitivity. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 2001, vol. 53, no 3-4, pp.199-232. Steve Thornton Summary
Steven F. Thornton, Sean Quigley, Michael J. Spence, Steven A. Banwart, Simon Bottrell, and David N. Lerner (2001) Processes controlling the distribution and natural attenuation of phenolic compounds in a deep sandstone aquifer. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, vol.53, no 3, pp.233-267 Steve Thornton Summary
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