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Ensure your name is printed and pronounced correctly on your graduation day.

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Printed name

When you open up the online registration form, your name will be shown. This is taken from your student record and will be the name printed in the graduation ceremony programme and on your certificate.

If your name is incorrect, do not register for graduation until you have had it corrected. You should contact the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) with documentary evidence (e.g: originals of either your deed poll document, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate) and your student record will be amended. Only then should you register your graduation intentions. Please ensure that you register by the deadline. We cannot extend the deadline, so do not delay if you need to amend your name. This is your responsibility and changes cannot be made at a later date.

For more details on how to amend your name, please visit

Name pronunciation

At graduation, your forename and surname (as held on your student record) will be announced as you cross the platform. If you have a name that is frequently mispronounced, you may wish to provide guidance on how your name should be said correctly. The information you provide will then be added to the presenter's script.

Please do not use accents and special characters on the form as these are not recognised by the system and can corrupt the information that is submitted.

Please note: Details on how to provide name guidance will be available in due course.


Name Guidance notes
Roisin Ro-sheen
Ionita Yo-ni-tza
Grau Rhymes with cow
Swietochowski Sventa-hoski
Lishen Lap-Sun

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