University staff attendance

Staff attendance


University Officers will be invited to all ceremonies by post. Invitations to academic staff for all ceremonies are issued to university email addresses. The online reply form is available on the right-hand side of the page. Staff should be aware that due to space constraints on the platform, registration to process is on a first-come first-served basis. In the event that the platform becomes full, staff will be put on a waiting list or offered a seat in the audience should a place in the procession not become available.

Robe Hire

Academic dress is hired via Ede and Ravenscroft for all staff who take part in the processions. Once members of staff have entered their robe requirements these are held on a database. Therefore, unless there are any changes, there is not a need to enter the details each time.

Robe requirements should be emailed to 

Ceremony Schedule

You can find a breakdown of which courses/departments are graduating at each ceremony here. In some cases faculties may have been split over several ceremonies. It is therefore important that members of staff check the split of ceremonies before registering, to ensure the correct ceremony is selected.