Guaranteed Tickets

Two guest tickets are guaranteed for each graduand attending, if requested at the time of registration. This is in addition to your own ticket of admission as a graduand.

These two guest tickets are only guaranteed if you request them when you register for graduation and your registration is received by the deadline of 31 October.

Any advance arrangements (eg travel or accommodation) are made entirely at your own risk.

Additional Guest Tickets

It is highly unlikely that tickets over and above the two guaranteed will be available. However, if further tickets are available, you will be notified via email during the week commencing 26 November, following the schedule below:

Date of Ceremony Extra Ticket Email
9 January 2019 28 November 2018
10 January 2019 29 November 2018
11 January 2019 30 November 2018

Unfortunately, we cannot specify what time the email for your particular ceremony will be sent.

Emails will be sent to the address you provided when registering for your graduation ceremony.

Downloading Tickets

Tickets will be available for you to download and print from 2.00pm on Thursday 3 January. The ticket will show the seat numbers allocated to you and your guests and will be needed in order to gain entry to the ceremony. It is your responsibility to print this out and supply your guests with copies. No tickets will be sent by post.

We strongly advise you do not wait until the day of your ceremony to access your Tickets. In the unlikely event that you have trouble gaining access or printing, you will need ample time to find a solution to the problem.

Download your tickets here

Special Seating Arrangements

Please inform us of any specific access requirements you or your guests may have, or special needs/assistance that you or your guests may require, for example printed material, hearing loop, by completing the relevant section of the form when you register for graduation. Please note, however, that once seats have been allocated, we may not be able to accommodate special arrangements.

If you require the loan of a wheelchair for the day, your local British Red Cross Association should be able to assist. Visit their website at:


Due to the length and formal nature of graduation ceremonies, we do not recommend children attend. As an alternative, you may wish to watch the ceremony live in the Auditorium in the Union of Students, where the atmosphere is informal and no tickets are required.

If you are bringing a child to the ceremoney, children over the age of 3 must have a ticket.

We respectfully request that children who become noisy or restless during proceedings are taken out of the hall immediately.

Due to health and safety restrictions, prams are not allowed in the hall and should be left in the complementary cloakroom.