Live Graduation Broadcasts

Relay link to auditoriumWinter broadcast image

Each graduation ceremony is relayed live to the Auditorium, Union of Students Building to enable family and friends without allocated seats to see the ceremony.

This facility may be particularly useful for guests with young children who may not be able to remain seated throughout the ceremony. Seats in the Auditorium are not allocated or ticketed and are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

It should be noted that whilst the Auditorium seats 400 people and does not normally reach capacity, the Events Team cannot be held responsible should seats be unavailable at busy times.

Please note: The Auditorium has tiered seating and 10 spaces
for wheelchair users.

Live online streamWinter-broadcast image

The graduation ceremonies will be streamed online. This is a great facility for anyone unable to attend your graduation ceremony. Links to the live stream will appear on the right hand side of this page in due course. The stream will go live 30 minutes before the start of each ceremony and you should note that this is a live broadcast, and will not be able to be accessed following the ceremony.

Those wanting a recording of the ceremony will need to purchase one in DVD or USB format. Details of this service can be found on the Graduation Photography and Film web page.

Important to note:

These facilities are provided by the University as 'extra' services. Although we endeavour to provide a full, unbroken link from the ceremony venue, unfortunately, on occasion, we may experience a break in service. Guests using this facility should be aware that, should a break in service occur, the University cannot be held responsible.