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4th International Granulation Workshop

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3rd International Granulation Workshop
27 - 29 June 2007

The 3rd International Granulation Workshop was a success, with over 220 attendees from academia and Industry meeting for 3 days of lectures, presentations and discussions in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

Photographs from the workshop are now available online (in the box to the right), and papers from the meeting presentations will be considered for inclusion in a future special issue of Powder Technology.

Academic and industrial interest in granulation continues to grow not least because it is an important step in the formulation and manufacture of many important solid products.

This workshop consists of a one-day course and/or a two-day meeting. Both aim to investigate one of the least understood solid processing steps – granulation – with a specific aim to improve granule properties by informed formulation and better process understanding.

28 & 29 June
The two-day meeting will see a range of invited speakers cover both industrially and academically relevant areas of the discipline in order to provide a complete overview of the field. Papers presented will be considered for a special issue of Powder Technology.

The 3rd International Granulation Workshop will be held at Tapton Hall of Residence, The University of Sheffield. The Workshop is organised by the Particle Products Group, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, with support from the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) Working Party on Agglomeration.

We hope the workshop will be even more successful than last time and look forward to seeing you here in Sheffield.

Professor Agba Salman
Professor Mike Hounslow
Particle Products Group

Granulation Course

Wednesday 27 June
A one-day course on granulation is organised by Prof. David York, Mr Nigel Somerville-Roberts (P&G), Dr. Karen Hapgood (Monash University, Australia) and Prof. Jonathan Seville (University of Birmingham).

The course will focus on "hands-on granulation" and will provide a good basis of understanding of this very complex field.

For further details see:

Granulation Course

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