Coaching for better work relationships workshop

12th April 2017 (12.30-13.30, Firth Court Council Room)

Dear Mentors

The fourth 1h mentor techniques workshop in this year's series will take place on 12th April. The full mentor workshop series details can be found here.

The workshops have been designed with input from mentor groups, will be run over lunchtimes throughout the year. As a mentor you will be invited to these 1h skills development sessions in order to offer you chances to refresh your skills (especially if it's a while since you did the induction training) and stay current and relevant in your mentoring. They are also a good change to meet other mentors and discuss anything you've been stuck with, or wondering about.

12th April 2017 (12.30-13.30, Firth Court Council Room)

Coaching for Better Work Relationships | Facilitator: Kay Guccione

This session will cover how you can help your mentee to view themselves as part of a system of person-to-person interactions and dynamics. It draws on Transactional Analysis and provides a framework for recognising when relationships are suck in a pattern. It will also supoort understanding of different mentor-mentee relationships, and what makes some mentoring interactions feel easy and some more difficult.

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