What are the benefits of mentoring?

Expected outcomes of the GROW Programme may include:

  • Improved morale
  • Shared insight into work and career issues
  • Self-reflection
  • Development of understanding, skills and problem-solving
  • Working on identified development areas for career progression and skills
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Successful management of personal issues
  • Realising own professional potential
  • Sharing good practice
  • Understanding current role
  • Recognising contribution of self to department/faculty/university
  • Gain insight on how other departments/faculties operate
  • Find out about new people who can help in your work area
  • Working towards and obtaining a new role
  • Identifying any gaps and exploring opportunities to strengthen your CV


Benefits for...

the mentee

● Development for career progression and decision making
● Strategies for a difficult work relationship or situation
● Inter­personal and professional skills
● Better understanding of the way things work
● Balancing work and career opportunities
● Increased self­confidence
● Increased reflection on what’s right for you

the mentor

● Staff management skills
● Leadership capabilities
● Skills to develop others
● Personal satisfaction and fulfilment
● Giving back
● New knowledge and ideas
● Networking/collaboration/point of contact
● Negotiation/relationship management skills
● Increased self­reflection and understanding.

the organisation

● Improved relationships
● Increased staff morale and motivation
● Improved succession planning
● Effective leadership development
● A tool to promote culture change
● Reduced staff turnover
● A mechanism for supporting under­represented groups and demonstrating the
organisation’s commitment to diversity
● Capturing and transferring skills from one generation to another.