HCS Green Impact Statement

Green Impact logo

Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme that runs in universities and colleges across the UK.

The University of Sheffield has taken part since 2009/2010, as part of their behaviour change strategy to reduce carbon emissions - they have committed to a 43% carbon emission reduction by 2020.

What We Are Doing

We are developing our outdoor space....

Photo of HCS's garden area

Patients, staff and students have been invited to get stuck into the creation of a sensory garden in our outdoor space outside the Group Room.

Plants will be chosen for their texture, aroma, colour, and even taste to be planted in the top area of raised beds.

An area in the lower raised bed garden will be planted with wild flower seeds with a view to introducing as many garden bugs and bees etc as we can.

Photo of HCS's garden area

A “Gardening for Impact” team has been set up to create a plan on how to use both raised bed areas for this purpose. They will be meeting in April to discuss ideas.

The department is in the process of obtaining a waterbutt that will connect to a drainpipe, to store water for use in watering the garden area.

The patio area will receive some new environmentally-friendly furniture in the near future, in time for spring and summer lunch and break times, ensuring staff are given a great space and the best incentive to get away from their desks.

Photo of birdboxes

We also requested three birdboxes, these were installed on behalf of our department at University residences. Hopefully these boxes will provide a home to many generations of small birds.

We Are Working On Our Green Priorities...

Equipment: Ensuring energy efficiency around PC's, laptops, phones and chargers, printers scanners etc – switch off when not in use and ensure “sleep mode” is activated after a few minutes of non-use.
Lighting: 99% of our lights are fitted with sensors so know when to turn off due to lack of activity or movement.
Radiators: Our radiators have thermostatic controls fitted to ensure optimum temperature is achieved.
HCS Member's - If you think your spaces are too hot/too cold please talk with reception about adjustments.
Fan heaters: We have removed fan heaters from general spaces and offices where possible and are implementing a booking-out system to minimise the use of these wherever possible.
Recycling: We have recycling bins in all spaces for paper and cardboard recycling. Did you know paper cups can also be recycled if you rinse them out after use?

We are actively working on reducing the number of paper copies we make year-on-year. Analysis for the past year is currently being considered. We hope to have reduced our usage this year!

We are looking after our health and wellbeing...


We have been running meditation sessions for our staff members since July 2015. Thirty minutes, once a week, the sessions normally consist of guided meditation at the beginning, progressing on to relaxing ambient music/sounds to the end of the session.

Walking Group

Our Walking Group started last year, with small lunchtime walks, lasting about 45 minutes, taking in the lovely surroundings of Weston Park. The group has already started it's walks this year and is now venturing further afield to places such as the Botanical Gardens. The group normally meets once a week.

Running Group

The Running Group also started last year, in preparation for members of the department who were taking part in the Sheffield 10K and the Half-Marathon. The Running Group normally starts just after Easter.