Mark Jayes receiving award

Mark Jayes is a Sheffield based clinician who is currently undertaking PhD research into informed consent for adults with acquired communication disability. Mark’s research project has won an award from the Stroke Association for the Patient Carer and Public Involvement work he is doing with the project's advisory group, some of whom attend the Aphasia Centre in HCS. Mark consulted widely in developing the project, and fifteen people gave invaluable, detailed and overwhelmingly positive feedback on the proposed research, which he used to provide persuasive evidence of the patient benefits the research could deliver. Mark then set up a project advisory group including 5 stroke survivors, 3 people with dementia and 2 carers. Mark is convinced that their generous involvement has been essential to the project’s success. They have used their experience and expertise to help make research processes and materials accessible and acceptable to participants with communication difficulties. By collaborating with researchers and design experts, they have made a vital contribution to the development of the accessible information materials. They have participated in workshops with hospital staff to test the prototype materials' developed in the study for their usability and acceptability, before it is evaluated with hospital patients. Mark recently received his award at the UK Stroke Forum conference. He thanks those people who took part for their generous contribution to the project.

Mark Jayes – Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; HEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield.

Group members include those who attended the Aphasia Centre and have consented to their names being shared: Eric Cresswell, Jane Pawley, Sally Wadsworth, Sue Hale.