Academic Award - Almost as good as an Oscar!

Ruth with Award

Every year the Students' Union host their own Academic Awards. Not to be mistaken for the Academy Awards, which clearly involve less skill and knowledge. The red carpet and the ballgowns are also better at Sheffield of course. Each year students across the University vote for staff and students who have really made a difference.

In 2015 Dr Ruth Herbert received one of these coveted awards - best Post-Graduate Supervisor. The award was presented at a glamorous ceremony hosted by the SU with great panache and aplomb. Ruth reports she is thrilled to receive this award, as supervision of post-graduates forms a central part of her role, one that she finds extremely fulfilling and exciting. Her key to success at this level is to treat each student as a valued team member and colleague, and potential life-long collaborator. The students report this works for them, with several going on to academic careers within the subject area, both at Sheffield and internationally. Ruth would like to thank all her past and present students for their enthusiasm and hard work in helping to build a thriving aphasia research group at Sheffield.