Are you Aphasia aware?

Did you know that June was international Aphasia Awareness month?
To mark this, Speech and Language Therapists from County Health Partnerships’ Stroke Outpatient service worked with local self-help groups, voluntary services, and student Speech and Language Therapists from Human Communication Sciences, Sheffield University to hold a drop-in event at Mansfield Community Hospital on 23rd June 2015.

Small Photo of Recognise Aphasia

Attendees were invited to learn about aphasia, a communication disability affecting 1 in 3 individuals after stroke. As a language disorder it affects how individuals understand conversations, read, speak, and write and has a life-changing impact for those affected and their families.

We had a fantastic response from the public, health professionals, voluntary and council workers, and service managers. Experts with aphasia shared their experiences of living with aphasia, attendees were encouraged to use Supported Conversation techniques, members of the Aphasia Advisory panel gave advice on making information accessible, and Stroke Outpatient Speech and Language Therapists provided advice on client-centred individual and group therapies available within County Health Partnerships.

You can find out more about the event by following @NottsHealthcare on twitter and searching for #RecogniseAphasia. You can also learn more about Peter’s story by visiting Notts Heathcare on facebook.

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