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I have been a certified speech therapist in Saudi Arabia since 2008. I have worked in two different tertiary care hospitals. During my clinical work, I have seen some very interesting and rare cases, such as foreign accent syndrome post TBI, left handed patients with aphasia due to stroke in the right dominant hemisphere, and young people with aphasia who have made a fast recovery. I always wanted to have the skills and knowledge that allow me to investigate and document such cases to contribute to speech therapy research.

The MSc programme provided me with knowledge and research skills that I could use in whatever area of speech therapy I might be interested in. For my dissertation, I did a systematic review on the effectiveness of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) on single spoken word retrieval in unilateral stroke patients with acquired aphasia.

Currently, I'm working with an interdisciplinary team in a rehabilitation hospital in Saudi Arabia. I provide intensive daily speech therapy for patients with communication disorders due to stroke, TBI and brain tumors.

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Mohammed Alharbi:
MSc Speech Difficulties

I completed an undergraduate course in linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. Whilst volunteering as a Communication Partner with people who had stroke, I became interested in learning more about how normal language processes are disrupted in acquired communication impairments.

Postgraduate study in the Department of Human Communication Sciences gave me a broad background to the field of communication impairment and allowed me to do a research project on my topic of interest, aphasia. The work I did for my MSc dissertation, “Noun Syntax in Spoken Word Retrieval in Aphasia”, contributed to a forthcoming publication on the topic.

After I finished my MSc in 2012, I worked as a Senior Research Assistant in a Communication Impairment Research Group at Manchester Metropolitan University, which helped me gain a place as a PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield.

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Elizabeth Anderson:
MSc Human Communication Sciences