Research clusters

Most of the research conducted within HCS fits within the following three clusters. The cross-disciplinary nature of much of the research is reflected in the fact that a number of people belong to more than one cluster. In addition, many staff pursue further research interests of their own with other departments, and other universities.

Clinical and Interactional Linguistics

The central focus of this research cluster is the application of the principles and methods of phonetics, linguistics and conversation analysis to human communication and communication impairment in children and adults.

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Cognitive Neuroscience of Speech and Language

Research in the Neuropsychology and Neuroscience cluster involves studies of speech and language processing in healthy children and adults, and also in people with acquired brain lesions and developmental disorders. A particular focus of the group is to develop biologically plausible accounts of speech and language function.

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Speech, Language and Literacy: Development, Difficulties and Intervention

This cluster investigates how speech, language and literacy develop within and across languages. It also investigates how speech, language and literacy may be impaired and what interventions are most effective.

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