Cyril Wealer, BA, MSc

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Department of Human Communication Sciences
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health
University of Sheffield
362 Mushroom Lane
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United Kingdom

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Before I started university I completed vocational training as a substitute primary school teacher with the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg. After one year of teaching in Luxembourg, I studied for a License 3 in Social Science with an emphasis on Education at Sorbonne V University – Paris Descartes, graduating in 2012. I subsequently obtained an MSc in Education and an MSc in Cognitive Sciences from The University of Edinburgh.
Since 2015 I have been a joint location PhD student in the Language and Cognitive Development group at the University of Luxembourg and the Human Communication Department at the University of Sheffield. My PhD is jointly supervised by Dr. Pascale Engel de Abreu (University of Luxembourg) and by Dr. Silke Fricke (The University of Sheffield).

My Research

My objective is to develop a theoretically motivated preschool language and pre-literacy programme in Luxembourgish that is appropriate for young children growing up in multilingual Luxembourg and to test the programme's effectiveness using a longitudinal research design. In the context of multilingual Luxembourg, I am particularly interested in a range of questions related to cross-language transfer of pre-literacy skills. Specifically, I am analysing whether the pre-literacy programme in Luxembourgish has knock-on effects on children’s responsiveness to literacy instruction in German during the 1st year of primary school.

Research interests

- Language, literacy and cognitive development
- Cross-language transfer of language and pre-literacy skills
- Cognitive predictors of literacy development
- Educational interventions


Dr. Silke Fricke (The University of Shefifeld)
Dr. Pascale Engel de Abreu (University of Luxembourg)


The University of Luxembourg/ PUL grant # (F3R-ECC-PUL-15LITM)
Lions Club grant # (F3R-LCT-COM-140000)