Legal and Professional Issues in Healthcare

Course code SNM633
15 credits at level 7


Who is it for?

This module is suitable for all healthcare professionals with an interest in developing both an understanding of the ethical and legal context of their practice and an ability to address the challenges of practice in an ethically reasoned and justifiable way.

Overview of content:

  • Ethics and the law
  • Professional responsibility and fitness to practice.
  • Autonomy, paternalism and acting in a person’s best interests
  • Advocacy and whistleblowing
  • Hospitals should do the patient no harm - Organisational ethics

What is it about?

  • Theories and frameworks for ethical reasoning that are consistent with the specific needs of healthcare 
  • The ethical responsibilities of professions and professionals. Understanding legal and professional accountability, a professional duty of care, patient advocacy and acting in a person’s best interests
  • The ethics of organisations. Exploring why bad things happen in organisations that serve good purposes. Escalating concerns and the concept of whistleblowing
  • The distribution and use of scarce resources – The role the practitioner and manager of resources in achieving ethically principled treatment and care approaches for patients

How does it enhance practice?

Either as a primary caregiver or manager of resources this unit will help in achieving ethically principled approaches to the treatment and care of patients. This unit will provide participants with;

  • An understanding and appreciation of theoretical ethical frameworks supporting reasoned ethical decision making and how these are relevant and applicable to their practice
  • An appreciation of what constitutes an ethical dilemma and how this may be resolved in an ethically principled way
  • An appreciation of the professional, legal and ethical context within which healthcare is practiced and how this influences their relationships with patients, other professionals and employers
  • A forum in which to identify and critically discuss ethical dilemmas in modern health care practice with fellow health professionals

Mode of Assessment:

Assessment will through submission of a 3000-word assignment that will focus on an ethical issue relevant to your practice situation. The assignment will require you to consider the issue in respect of its legal, professional and ethical context and apply relevant theory to its description, examination and resolution.

Course Structure:

12 week course – Online – distance learning

Start Date:

7 February 2022

Application and Funding

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If successful in your application for the course you will receive a confirmation email closer to the start date.

Programme Leader/Contact Name:

Tracey Moore

Tel: +44 114 222 2056