Introduction to Spirometry Performance and Interpretation

Study Day


Who is it for?

This study day is suitable for all healthcare practitioners including GP’s who wish to have an introduction on how to perform spirometry and/or interpretation. It is suitable for Healthcare professionals wanting to learn about spirometry as well as an update for more experienced practitioners. It will serve as experience for those wanting to go on to do accredited spirometry to register with the A.R.T.P.

Overview of content:

  • Practical spirometry performance (to bring own portable spirometer if able)
  • Basic physiology of lung function and relationship to spirometry
  • Current national guidance and registration requirements by 2021
  • Interpretation following a structured approach
  • Confidence in understanding spirometry

What is it about?

The day will focus on the practical application of performing spirometry and understanding the complexities of the resulting trace and how to interpret the results in line with the current guidance. Performing spirometry will look at why we perform spirometry, documentation, cleaning, calibration and patient preparation. We encourage you to bring your portable spirometer to the session to ‘have a go’. Interpretation will feature 10 Top Tips for ensuring the spirometry you are interpreting has been performed correctly, examining a case history and a chance for you to have a go at interpreting spirometry results. The day will be interactive, fun and a safe learning environment for what many find a difficult subject.

How does it enhance practice?

Health care practitioners will be equipped with the skills of how to perform spirometry and, on a structured approach to interpretation. By understanding spirometry, developing confidence in the ability to perform and recognise poor spirometry, will enhance patient care.

This course will give a firm foundation for anyone preparing or thinking of applying to register with A.R.T.P. and will allow experienced practitioners a chance to confirm if their current practice is in line with current guidance before applying for accreditation/registration to the A.R.T.P.

Course Structure:

1 x day study day 09.00 - 16.00

Upcoming dates:

8 July 2020

20 October 2020

Application and Funding

To apply for this course, please visit our how to apply page. For information on funding options please see here.

If successful in your application for the course you will receive a confirmation email with the exact details of the location of teaching, closer to the start date.

Tuition Fees

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Programme Leader/Contact Name:

Jackie Dale

Tel: +44 114 222 2072


Admissions/Support Officer:

Deborah Reid

Tel: +44 114 222 2037


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