Evidence Based Stroke Care

Course codes SNM3186 (degree level 6)/SNM612 (masters level 7)
20 credits at level 6
15 credits at level 7


Who is it for?

This unit is suitable for health care professionals who need knowledge and understanding of the care and management of a person affected by stroke. It is available at degree and masters level; you must hold relevant qualifications for entry to the level you wish to study at, please see below.

Overview of content:

  • Policy and guidelines
  • Classification and medical intervention
  • Health promotion
  • Primary prevention
  • Detecting early signs
  • Hyper-acute care
  • Role of MDT (hospital and community)
  • Problems of consent and advocacy
  • Carers
  • Support agencies
  • Monitoring and preventing further stroke
  • Palliative care
  • Meeting NSF guidelines
  • Running a quality service
  • "hot topics"

What is it about?

Facilitated by a team of clinical MDT experts and experienced university lecturers, this unit aims to enable health care professionals to have an understanding of the key elements of a multi-disciplinary approach to caring for a person affected by stroke. The module will focus on several key areas, including the normal age-related changes, specific neuro-anatomy, neurophysiology and pathology essential to appreciate what a stroke is and why it happens. The physical, psychological and social impact of a stroke on both the person affected and their families and carers will be studied. Consideration will also be given to life after stroke.

How does it enhance practice?

The unit is tailored to meet the needs of clinicians working in practice and stresses the importance of following recommended policies and best practice in the care and management of stroke.

Mode of Assessment:

Academic assignment. The focus of the assignment should reflect the learning outcomes of the module and relate to students own area of clinical practice.

Links to Professional/Academic Award:

BMedSci(Hons) Health and Social care Studies (Ongoing and Supportive Care)
BMedSci(Hons) Health and Social care Studies (Acute, High Dependency and Critical Care)
BMedSci(Hons) Health and Social care Studies (Primary Care and Public Health)

Pre course requirements

Masters: Have a degree or demonstrate ability to study at M-level (i.e. at least 60 credits at level 6 (degree)

Course Structure:

1 x study day every 2 weeks for 5 weeks

Start Date: 2 February 2021 

Attendance Dates: 02/02/2021, 23/02/2021, 09/03/2021, 23/03/2021, 06/04/2021

Start Date: 1 February 2022 

Attendance Dates: 01/02/22, 22/02/22, 08/03/22, 22/03/22, 05/04/22

Application and Funding

To apply for this course you need to complete an online application form and you can do this by visiting our how to apply page. For an individual module a fees and funding form will automatically be sent on submission of your application form. When applying for a masters programme a funding form and details of funding options can be found on our Funding Page.

If successful in your application for the course you will receive a confirmation email closer to the start date.

Programme Leader/Contact Name:

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