Human Communication Sciences research staff and students

Current research staff and students in Human Communication Sciences.

Research staff


Name Role Email Telephone
Sehgal, Mr Siddharth Research Associate 0114 22 22996
(Dept of Computer Science)


Name Role Email Telephone
Walmsley, Ms Janet Aphasia Clinician 0114 22 22435
Wesierska, Miss Marta Research Associate 0114 22 22416


Name Role Email Telephone
Yarwood, Mrs Emma Dementia Clinic Co-ordinator 0114 22 22414

Postgraduate research students


Student Title Supervisor Email
Al-Batati, Hanadi Aphasia intervention in Saudi Arabia Dr. Ruth Herbert and Dr. Catherine Tattersall
Allen, Sarah Use of apps and other mobile technology with adults with acquired communication disorders Dr. Catherine Tattersall and Dr. Ruth Herbert
Almuzaini, Shams Shams is investigating dual and plural noun production in Arabic speakers with agrammatic aphasia. Dr. Ruth Herbert and Dr. Catherine Tattersall
Atapattu, Dinushee Dinushee's PhD compares the expressive language skills of single unit recall (naming) and cohesive speech in monolingual Sinhala and bilingual Sinhala-English, normal and aphasic populations. Dr. Ruth Herbert and Dr. Emma Gregory


Student Title Supervisor Email
Balzan, Pasquale The efficacy of non-invasive cortical and electrical stimulation therapies in the rehabilitation of post-stroke dysarthria. Dr. Catherine Tattersall (HCS) & Dr. R. Palmer
Binte Jalil, Sajlia Sajlia's research is on communication in Malay-English bilinguals with a Traumatic Brain Injury with specific interest in code-mixing patterns in their conversation. Prof. Ray Wikinson and Dr. Ruth Herbert
Bear, Rachel Rachel’s research uses Conversation Analysis to investigate the feedback strategies parents use in phonological therapy Dr. Sarah Spencer and Prof. Ray Wilkinson
Black, Rachael Rachael's project will explore the experiences of parents of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities by using participative research methods. Rachael will work collaboratively with a group of parent co-researchers to devise a research question and an overall research design. Dr. Judy Clegg
Brooks, Rosemarie Improving literacy in struggling readers in the early years school environment Dr. Jenny Thomson and Dr. Meesha Warmington


Student Title Supervisor Email
Calladine, Samantha Sam's project aims to develop and refine a therapy approach for very young children with speech difficulties associated with cleft palate. Dr. Sarah Spencer and Dr. Blanca Schaefer
Cameron, Helen Helen’s research is exploring clinical and everyday interactions in young children with language and communication impairments using a conversation analytic approach. Prof. Ray Wilkinson and Dr. Judy Clegg
Ciesielska, Marta Cross-linguistic transfer of phonological and morphological awareness in Polish-English bilingual children. Dr Meesha Warmington and
Dr Jenny Thomson


Student Title Supervisor Email
Emerson, Kathryn Kathryn's doctoral research will use Conversation Analysis to investigate the interaction between choirs and conductors, and how we talk and gesture about music. Prof. Ray Wilkinson (HCS) and Dr. Victoria Williamson (Department of Music)


Student Title Supervisor Email
Greenhalgh, Emma Emma's research uses Conversation Analysis to investigate how Second Language Teachers and Speech and Language Therapists teach and assess language. Prof. Ray Wilkinson (HCS) and Dr. Oksana Afitska (School of English)


Student Title Supervisor Email
Hapsari, Indri Additional Intervention Techniques for Children with Speech and Language Delay Dr. Sarah Spencer and Dr. Judy Clegg
Hartshorne, Mary Mary is evaluating the impact of a communication programme in secondary schools. Dr. Judy Clegg and Dr. Sarah Spencer


Student Title Supervisor Email
Lavaggi, Sara Explore trajectories of speech acquisition in bilingual English-Italian speaking children Dr. Silke Fricke


Student Title Supervisor Email
Machin, Eleanor Phonological Awareness, Intelligence and Dyslexia Dr. Jenny Thomson
Malley, Nicola Communication between people with dementia and their partners: Understanding and improving conversational interaction. Dr TS Walker, Professor M Reuber & Dr C Tattersall
Mumberson, Philip Evaluating a novel adaptation of word finding therapy for individuals with dementia. Dr. Catherine Tattersall and Dr. Ruth Herbert


Student Title Supervisor Email
Patrick, Kathryn Kathryn's research is looking at speech and language therapy intervention for children with significant and persistent speech sound difficulties associated with cleft palate. Her intervention is utilising usage based phonology theory and visual feedback techniques. Dr. Silke Fricke and Dr. Ben Rutter
Prieler, Tanja Tanja is looking at the effect of exposure to digital text on early literacy development. Dr. Jenny Thomson and Dr. Meesha Warmington


Student Title Supervisor Email
Schroeter, Anne Anne is carrying out an empirical investigation of pronunciation problems of young learners of English as a foreign language - identification and remedial strategies. Dr. Sandra Whiteside and Dr. Stuart Cunningham
Sehgal, Siddharth Siddharth is studying optimal strategies and enhancing state-of-the-art modelling techniques for dysarthric speech recognition. Dr. Stuart Cunningham and Prof. Roger Moore (Computer Science)
Simon, Santhosh An investigation of the acoustic parameters underlying vocal mimicry. Dr. Stuart Cunningham


Student Title Supervisor Email
Turki, Deema Issues of bilingual language development in the Saudi Arabian context. Dr. Silke Fricke & Dr. Sarah Spencer
Turner, Kim Kim is investigating language skills and the effects of speech and language therapy with young offenders in a custodial setting. Dr. Judy Clegg and Dr. Sarah Spencer


Student Title Supervisor Email
Wealer, Cyril Cyril is testing the effectiveness of a pre-literacy intervention in a multilingual setting. He is exploring questions related to cross-language transfer of pre-literacy skills. Dr. Silke Fricke (The University of Sheffield) and
Dr. Pascale Engel de Abreu (University of Luxembourg)

Windeatt, Isabel Understanding the role of silence in conversations with people with aphasia. Dr. Traci Walker


Student Title Supervisor Email
Zhang, Peng Working Memory and Simultaneous Interpreting: an Integrative Approach of Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics. Dr. Meesha Warmington
Dr. Liat Levita
Zosimidou, Alexandra Alexandra is developing an oral language intervention for children that have English as an Additional Language (EAL) in Y3. The project will look at how targeting oral language skills can improve reading comprehension skills for children with EAL. Dr.Silke Fricke (HCS) and Dr. Hannah Nash (University of Leeds)