(valid from 20th Jan 2014)

JET (Japanese Exchange for Teaching) Medicals
Other Medicals & Fees
Occupational Health
Travel Vaccines
Year Abroad   

JET (Japanese Exchange for Teaching) medicals

JET is a private organisation, independent of the university, undertaken as a post-graduate. £50.00
plus full blood count £15.00
plus ESR £15.00
plus LFT’s £28.00
plus Lipids £30.00

Other Medicals and Fees

Camp America 
Full medical £50.00
Report Only £25.00

Full Medical £50.00
Report Only £25.00

Pre-employment medical 
If patient paying £65.00
If employer paying £140.00

  Insurance Confirmation of Registration
Fee £15.00

MRSA screening 
(four swabs) £7.01 per swab, total cost £28.04

Medical £90.00
Blood group £40.00
Chest x-ray Private referral
HIV £25.00

Other Medicals 
With examination £50.00
Report only £25.00


Pre Payment Certificates for Prescriptions 
3 Months £29.10
12 Months £104.00

Occupational Health

University of Sheffield Staff Only 
Meningococcal A,C,W,Y (ACWY) £50.00
Hepatitis B (Engerix) £30.00
Administration fee (per course) £25.00


Blood Group £40.00
Clotting Screen £40.00
CRP £16.00
ESR £15.00
Full Blood Count £15.00
Glucose £25.00
Hep B Antibodies £24.00
Hep C Antibodies £25.00
HIV £25.00
Lipid Profile £30.00
Liver Function Test £28.00
Measles Immunity Serology £25.00
Mumps Immunity Serology £37.00
RAST Test £30.00
Rubella IgG Antibody £24.00
Urea & Electrolytes (U&Es) £25.00
Varicella Immunity Serology £27.00

Please contact the surgery for additional tests.

Travel Vaccines

All travel vaccinations need to be paid for in advance via the ONLINE STORE

Please note a £25.00 admin fee is applicable for staff and non-UHS registered patients.

Please check the online store for availability of travel vaccinations

Fee £60.00 per vaccine (£180 per course)

Japanese B Encephalitis 
Fee £70.00 (per dose)

Tick borne encephalitis 

We do not hold this in stock, but order it on a patient by patient basis. If you require this vaccination, please let us know so that we can order one for you.

Fee £55.00 (per dose)

Meningococcal A,C,W,Y (ACWY) 
Fee £50.00

Yellow Fever 

Fee £45.00 (this includes your Yellow Fever certificate)
Replacement of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever £20.00

Hepatitis B £30.00
Flu £20

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio (combined) for non-UHS registered patients 
Fee £25.00

Year Abroad – As part of undergraduate course

Most of the universities we exchange with do not need a chest x-ray, however a few do. Students going to a university where this is required are advised by their department and understand they will be charged. Therefore - charge only for the component of the medical, which is not part of the NHS services. 
CHEST X-RAY Private referral
Full blood count £15.00
ESR £15.00
Liver Function Test £28.00
Blood group £40.00

The following hospital investigations are needed for students requiring a medical for entry to China. 
CHEST X-RAY Private referral
ECG Private referral
Syphilis £24.00