Patient Participation Group and Patient Suveys

Patient Participation Group

The aim of the PPG is "To work with their practice to provide practical support, to help patients take more responsibility for their own health and to provide strategic input and advice. PPGs are based on cooperation between the practice staff and patients".

PPG New Members flyer

Any patient of the practice can join the PPG, regardless of whether you are a student or not! 

The PPG aims to:

  • Help patients take more responsibility for their own health
  • Encourage health education activities
  • Involve patients in improving and developing services within the University Health Service
  • Provide patients the opportunity to make positive and constructive suggestions for improving the University Health Service
  • Provide staff and patients an opportunity to discuss matters of mutual interest

The benefits of having a PPG are:

  • Patients will have a forum for providing feedback and suggesting positive ideas
  • Patients will benefit from improved communication between UHS and patients
  • UHS will be able to plan services jointly with patients to increase the effectiveness
  • UHS will be even closer to the community it serves.

The PPG is striving to get a mix of patients who are representative of all patients who use the practice. We welcome participation from all age groups, gender identities, backgrounds and nationalities. We welcome those with long term conditions, disabilities, children under 18 who are under the care of UHS, carers, LGBT+ and international students. Whoever you are, you will be welcome!

The PPG is keen to recruit those who will help raise the profile of the group and commit to carrying out the action decisions of the group.

Being a member of the University Health Service's Patient Participation Group is now an activity that can be included in the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). This report can be used as evidence of experience and knowledge gained whilst a student at the University of Sheffield and can help demonstrate these skills when applying for jobs or further study. For more information about HEAR please click on the following link:

If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group  please sign up via the group's Google Form.

Patient Feedback

We currently receive feedback from our patients from a number of sources:

  • UHS Web page - Patient View
  • The waiting room Comments and Suggestions Box
  • The University Student Survey
  • The Student Barometer
  • The National GP Survey
  • In house patient surveys and questionnaires

If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group to provide feedback about our service and to discuss any changes and developments, please email:

Patient Survey Results

GP Patient Surveys

GP Patient Survey 2012 (901kb .doc file)

GP Patient Survey 2011 (35kb .xls file)

Nurse Patient Surveys

Nurse Patient Survey 2012 (630Kb .doc file)

GP Patient Survey Archived Results

These are the results for the University Health Service from National GP Surveys

Annual Reports

Patient Participation Group 2013 Annual Report (149kB .docx file)

Patient Participation Group 2012 Annual Report (152kb .docx file)