Bringing research to life

We work with stakeholders to exchange knowledge and make a difference to people’s lives.

Mother, daughter, granddaughter

The transfer and exchange of knowledge with key stakeholders is at the heart of our work.

We work closely with primary care, nursing, public health agencies and service user communities to co-produce and translate knowledge to make a difference to people’s lives.

Co-production with service users, patients and carers is pivotal in enabling our researchers to gain insight into the expertise of those experiencing multimorbidity. It is an essential component in the process of product development and innovation, from the identification of research problems through to testing of innovative products and policies. Our teams have extensive experience in undertaking co-production with a wide range of patient groups.

We embrace and lead knowledge transfer with practitioners and policy makers to further our aim of impacting policies and practices on ageing and multimorbidity.

Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.