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Student UCAS Interviewers

Academic Departments

Some University of Sheffield students have the opportunity to take part in their department's admissions process, by acting as a Student UCAS Interviewer. Closer in age and outlook to the candidates, current undergraduates can often empathise with and analyse UCAS applicants in a way that staff would find difficult. A student acting as an interviewer (usually a more senior student) will prepare for the interviews by reading candidates' UCAS personal and supporting statements. S/he will then assist staff on the interview panel itself, and participate in post-interview discussions which determine the offers for places that the department will make.

What we can verify for your HEAR

Name Who can do it? Criteria When added to HEAR?
Student UCAS Interviewers In order to gain recognition for being a Student UCAS Interviewer you must:
  1. Complete the required UCAS Interviewer Training (min. 1 hour).
  2. Prepare for the interviews by reading the supporting statements (min. 2 hours).
  3. Help staff to conduct the interviews and select possible candidates (min. 4 hours).

Contact Email: Please speak to your department