How do I verify a new activity/award?

Extra-Curricular Activities

Proposals for verifying new activities can be submitted at any time. However, decisions concerning new proposals are made in November and May, when the HEAR Advisory Board meets.

Next submission deadline for questionnaires (Stage 1): second week of April 2021

Next submission deadline for completed HEAR Verification Protocol Forms (Stage 2): last week of April 2021

Next HEAR Advisory Board Meeting: 13 May 2021

In exceptional circumstances, the HEAR Advisory Board may agree to consider late proposals for new 6.1 activities after the May Advisory Board meeting, to enable activity verification to begin at the beginning of the following session. The annual deadline for requesting consideration of a late 6.1 activity proposal is the end of June. Please email to submit a case for late submission.

If you are interested in verifying an entirely new activity/award for the HEAR, please:

1. Download and read the New 6.1 Activity Proposal Process:

New 6.1 Activity Proposal Process

2. Consult the Institutional Protocol for Section 6.1 on our HEAR Policy page. This outlines the general criteria that all activities are required to meet in order to be included in the HEAR.


3. Stage One: If you think the activity is eligible, complete the New 6.1 Activity Proposal Questionnaire:

New 6.1 Activity Proposal Questionnaire

4. Stage Two: If the activity is eligible for inclusion in Section 6.1, one of the HEAR Coordinators will contact you and provide you with the full HEAR Activity Protocol Form so you can draft a complete verification protocol. You may find the following guidance document helpful in planning how you will adhere to 4(ii) in the Institutional Protocol for HEAR Section 6.1.

Supporting Student Reflection: Guidance for HEAR 6.1 Verifiers

5. Email your completed protocol form to

Prizes and Scholarships

If you are interested in verifying a new prize or scholarship for the HEAR, please:

1. Consult the Prizes and Scholarships HEAR Guidance on the Policy page, which outlines the types of prize and scholarship that are eligible for inclusion in Section 6.1 of the HEAR.


2. If you think your prize or scholarship is eligible:

For prizes

  • Please first consider whether your prize is suitable to submit for Faculty approval, by visiting the Student Administration Service prizes page. A process is already in place to ensure that all Faculty-Approved Prizes are included in the HEAR.
Student Administration Service Prizes
  • If it is not appropriate to submit your prize for Faculty approval (e.g. because it is awarded on an ad hoc, irregular or one-off basis) please provide details of the prize using the following form:
Non-Faculty-Approved Prizes Form

For scholarships

  • Please contact Joe Woolway ( in Student Support and Guidance's Financial Support Team to discuss verification of your scholarship for the HEAR.