HEAR Governance and Policy

HEAR Governance

A HEAR Advisory Board was established in summer 2013, following the launch of the Internal HEAR at Sheffield on 5 July 2013.

The HEAR Advisory Board is responsible for overseeing long-term HEAR management at the University and will normally meet two times a year.

Membership largely comprises former HEAR Project Steering Group members. However, the group has been widened to ensure representation of all long-term HEAR stakeholders, and reporting links will be created with additional groups, including the Students' Union HEAR Management Group and the Careers Service.

The Board's terms of reference can be downloaded from the box on the right.

HEAR Policy

Policy documents relating to HEAR management at Sheffield will be published on this page.

The following documents are available for download:

  • Institutional Protocol for Section 6.1
    Contains the general criteria that all extra-curricular activities must meet in order to be included in the HEAR

  • Prizes and Scholarships HEAR Guidance
    Gives details of the types of prize and scholarship that are eligible for inclusion in the HEAR

For staff guidance relating to the HEAR Section 6.1 Appeals Procedure, see our Resources for HEAR Uploaders page:

Resources for HEAR Uploaders