Non-Faculty-Approved Prizes Form

The purpose of this form is to allow staff in academic departments/schools to declare non-faculty-approved prizes (e.g. informal/ad hoc departmental prizes, or other awards such as project certificates, professional prizes or success in national competitions), so that details of these achievements can be loaded centrally for inclusion in students' HEARs.

The process for adding these type of achievements to the HEAR is as follows:

  1. Departments/schools use this form to declare prizes/awards that are not Faculty-Approved Prizes, and therefore not loaded onto student records by the Student Administration Service.
  2. The HEAR Coordinator liaises with the department/school to confirm reference data for the prize/award (title + description), and to agree a standard process for loading the prize/award.*
  3. Departments add the prize/award to relevant student records using the online HEAR Administration System, as and when awards are made.

* For professional or national prizes/awards, which are awarded by an external body/organisation, Step 2 is likely to involve liaison with the external party, to ensure that HEAR recognition given for the achievement is consistent across all institutions delivering the HEAR (i.e. the wording is the same across institutions, and the achievement is added to the HEAR in response to the same triggers). The HEAR Coordinator can help to support this consultation.