Current members


Professor Shuisheng He

Chair in Thermofluids

Shuisheng and his group conduct research in the general field of fluid mechanics and heat transfer combining computational fluid dynamics (RANS, DNS and LBM) with experimental studies. Recently, their research has focused on nuclear thermal hydraulics, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and turbulence (physics, transition and modelling). Other interests are biofluids and oil & gas productions.


Professor J D Jackson

Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield
Emeritus Professor at the University of Manchester

Professor Jackson's current research activities include development of semi-empirical models which takes account of the influence of very strong non-uniformity of fluid properties in causing heat transfer deterioration and retrieval of some earlier data on heat transfer to sodium. He is also involved in the IAEA CRP on SCWR thermal hydraulics and co-supervision of PhD students in the group.

Mehdi Seddighi

Dr. Mehdi Seddighi

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Mehdi's research has currently focused on DNS/LES of unsteady turbulent flow. He has developed a DNS code during his PhD which is currently applied in studying various forms of unsteady flows in a channel with smooth and rough surfaces.


Dr Bo Liu

Research Associate

Bo's currently working on developing smart models for the next generation of nuclear reactors using state-of-the-art CFD method.


Dr Xiaoxue Huang

Research Associate

Xiaoxue is currently working on developing thermal hydraulics models for liquid metals in support of the development of fast reactors.

Ran Tian

Dr Ran Tian

Academic Visitor

Ran is currently working on heat transfer of supercritical pressure fluids of horizontal flow with DNS.


Benjamin S Oluwadare

PhD student

Benjamin is at the moment working on turbulence in unsteady flows using Advanced Optical Measurement Techniques-Particle Image Velocimetry & Laser Doppler Anemometry.


Kenneth Chinembiri

PhD student

Kenneth is currently working on thermal hydraulic analysis of dropped fuel within the AGR fuel route.


Jundi He

PhD student

Jundi is currently working on a CFD project which concerns the effect of the stringer eccentricity on the temperature distribution of the moderator graphite brick in an aged AGR.


Mr Matthew Falcone

PhD student

Matthew's PhD project is on non-equilibrium turbulence – the physics underlining flow control and drag reduction.