Undergraduate course assessment

Assessment methods in the Department are broadly as follows. Full details of current modules and their assessment are available from SLC Resources on MOLE.

Level 1

Core written and oral language is predominantly assessed coursework. Core history and literature modules are assessed by course work and exams in each semester.

Level 2

Core oral language is assessed by in class presentations and written language by final exam.

Level 3

Core language skills are assessed by written and oral exams. Optional modules are assessed by commentaries, essays, oral presentation (individual, or in a small group) and/or final written exam.

Degree classification

The final degree classification is based on two calculations:

  • your weighted average grade and
  • the distribution of your weighted grades,

in both cases based on the grades you obtained in the modules contributing to your degree programme. You should note that:

  • your degree classification is based on modules taken at Levels 2 and 3; modules taken at Level 1 of your programme of study are not used for classification purposes and are, therefore, excluded from this process;
  • the grade obtained in individual modules is weighted according to both the credit value of each module and the Level in which the module was studied.

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Outstanding performance in oral examinations is indicated by a Distinction in the spoken language.


Each year the Department also awards prizes for outstanding performance in spoken Spanish, final year written papers, and the year abroad.