Research Interests within the Department

The Department's national and international standing as a centre for Hispanic research is reflected in the 5A grade achieved in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. The range over which Sheffield Hispanists are active in research is very wide indeed; only main areas can be indicated here.

Dr. Julia Banwell

  • Photography, identity and memory (especially in relation to the Mexican Revolution)
  •  The relationship between artists and the state, artists' reactions to historical, political, social circumstances
  •  Visual depictions and representations of death: Mexican contemporary artist Teresa Margolles
  •  The visual reporting of death and injury in sports

Dr Rhian Davies

  • 19th/ early 20th-century Spanish culture/ literature/ history (including the press and the novels of Benito Pérez Galdós)
  • The application of information technology to texts

Dr Louise Johnson

  • Catalan studies, especially modern Catalan literature, culture and cultural studies;
  • Peninsular sporting culture of the C20th, and in particular the 1930s

Dr. Paul O'Neill

  • Hispanic Linguistics (Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Asturian, Aragonese), especially Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Dialectology and History of the Language.
  • Theoretical Linguistics (Phonology, Morphology and Historical Linguistics)

Dr. Hayley Rabanal

  • 20th and 21st century Spanish literature, culture and cultural studies, especially post-1975;
  • The Spanish transition to democracy, historical memory, multiculturalism.

Dr Carmen Ramos Villar

  • Portuguese literature and society, especially the Portuguese migrant in the United States and Canada and Portuguese identity

Dr Lauren Rea

  • Argentina

Professor Philip Swanson

  • Latin American literature, especially fiction of the Boom and Post-Boom
  • Representations of Latin America
  • Hispanic film

Dr Pete Watt

  • Contemporary Mexico, US/Latin American relations, human rights, new social movements, cinema and media in Latin America.

Prof David Wood

  • Modern Latin American literature - especially Peruvian (Bryce Echenique) - and society
  • Popular culture in Latin America
  • Sport in Latin America; representations of sport in literature and film