Dr Anja Louis

Dr Anja Louis


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email : a.louis@sheffield.ac.uk


Dr Anja Louis was an undergraduate and postgraduate at Birkbeck College (University of London), where she completed an AHRB-funded PhD on the representation of law in the work of Carmen de Burgos. Her book entitled Women and the Law: Carmen de Burgos, an Early Feminist is the first to apply the insights and methodology of the interdisciplinary field of law and literature in a Hispanic context.

Before coming to Sheffield she taught courses on: Cervantes and the Golden Age, Spanish Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Media Ethics and an MA course on Critical Theory at two American universities in Madrid (NYU and Suffolk).

Anja is now a lecturer in the Department of Hispanic Studies and offers modules on: Hispanic Film and Human Rights, Law and Culture in the Hispanic World, Media Ethics and Spanish Language in Business Contexts. She also teaches level-two language and gives a first-year lecture on García Lorca.

Her administrative responsibilities include: Organiser of the Departmental Research Seminar Series, Admissions tutor for Arts dual degrees, Teaching and Learning Committee administrator, Web Manager, CILASS champion, Law and Languages liaison officer and Personal Development Planning coordinator.

Research interests

Anja´s research interests lie in the field of Hispanic Cultural Studies, in particular: the interface of law and culture, gender and popular culture.

Her current research project examines the representation of female lawyers in Spanish film and television. It examines to what extent the representations of female lawyers are indicative of wider issues of patriarchal crisis and/or restoration and in what way the public/private, law/justice, reason/emotion dichotomies are played out in female lawyers´ public performances and private lives. The study enquires into how the female lawyer as a representative of law is often herself interrogated and put on trial. It asks how popular visual culture takes issue with our deepest assumptions about law and how it explores the mechanisms of power and judgment itself.


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