Dr John England

john england

Retired Senior Lecturer

email : j.p.england@sheffield.ac.uk


Dr John England was an undergraduate at the University of Durham, and has been teaching Spanish in the Department since 1969.

Dr England has now retired, Among the modules previously taught by him, some were concerned with medieval literature, others with the history of the Spanish language, and with linguistic developments in present-day Spain. He also introduced a final-year module to offer students an initial formation in Spanish language teaching, including an element of assessed teaching practice.

He was the Departmental Quality Assurance Coordinator, and as Chair of the Departmental Teaching Committee, deals with many of the day-to-day student matters. He continues to have an interest in student theatre and sport, but with less active participation in recent years.

Dr England's principal research interests are in:

  • medieval Spanish literature
  • historical linguistics
  • language teaching

He is a leading authority on Juan Manuel, whose Conde Lucanor he edited for Aris & Phillips in 1987. His work on Castilian historical syntax is widely quoted (in publications of the Real Academia Española as well as elsewhere); he is about to embark on a major research project on analogical feminine forms in Spanish from medieval times to the present.


He published (with Nuria González Oliver) a very successful Spanish language coursebook for second-year university students. Among his recent publications are:

  • Pasaporte al mundo hispano. Sheffield: Academic Press, 1998. With N. González Oliver.
  • "'Los que son muy cuerdos entienden la cosa por algunas sennales': Learning the lessons of El Conde Lucanor". BHS [Glasgow], 76 (1999), 345-64.
  • "Analogical feminines in Modern Spanish: pressures on the Peninsular standard". BHS [Liverpool], 76 (1999), 415-39.
  • "'Testigos de mi gloria': Calisto's bestial behaviour". La Corónica, 28,2 (2000), 81-90.
  • "The debate on the languages of Spain: a diálogo de sordos". JHP, 2 (1994), 291-98.