Year Abroad

Your year abroad

You will spend a full academic year abroad as a course requirement, usually in the third year of study. Depending on your course, you will have the option of going to Spain (including Catalonia), Portugal or Latin America.

Many students describe this year as the best of their university career, and it is certainly one which offers a wealth of opportunity. This is your chance to study or work in a Spanish-speaking country; you can develop your language skills, make new friends from across the world and gain a truly international perspective. The experiences you have will stay with you forever and can go a long way to shaping your adult life.

You can use your year abroad to gain valuable professional experience which informs your later career choice. Alternatively, you can teach English, do voluntary work or become part of university life in another country. What we see - whatever the destination or the experience - is that the vast majority of our students come back as more confident, well-rounded individuals whose personal development has gone beyond simply learning a new language.

Many British citizens go travelling, but comparatively few seek out or accept the chance to live abroad. This year will mark you out as someone who is open to new experiences, overcomes challenges and can thrive in unfamiliar environments.

Students studying one language

Single Honours Spanish students - and those taking a Dual course combining Spanish with a non-language subject  - spend a full academic year in a Spanish-speaking country. You will have the option to spend your year in a range of locations across Spain, or in Mexico, Peru or another Latin-American country.

What are my year abroad options?

Students studying more than one language

Dual Honours students taking Spanish with another language divide the time equally between two countries.

During this period if you study Portuguese you can spend half the year in Portugal. Those taking Catalan may spend their period abroad in a Catalan-speaking area or attend a summer school in Catalonia.

Year abroad assessment

Your year abroad will be assessed in part by an oral exam, taken in your final year of study. The rest of your credits for this year will depend on your degree course and what you do on your year abroad. They will be made up of one - or a combination of - a work placement report or an extended essay.