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MA Assessment

Deadlines 2018-19

Deadlines for assessed and non-assessed work.

Marking criteria

Before you start writing your first essay make sure to look over the marking criteria.

Word limits and penalties

Information on word limits and word limit penalties.


If you are experiencing any difficulties that might affect your ability to meet a deadline it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.

Preparing and presenting your work

Information on how to prepare - including the avoidance of unfair means - and present your written work.

Submitting your work

Information on how to submit your written work and penalties for late submission.

Marking and feedback

Information on how your work is marked and how you will receive feedback.

Resubmission of assessed work

What will happen if you need to resubmit a piece of written work.

Prizes and degree results

Information on how your degree is classified, receiving your results, prizes and graduation.