If you experience difficulties meeting a deadline for health or personal reasons, you need to request an extension before the deadline, or your work could be subject to standard lateness penalties (see Late Submission Penalties).

Extensions should not be taken for granted and they are not offered lightly but we will respond sympathetically to significant illness or injury or to serious problems at home. Extensions can only be granted by the Director of MA Programmes and you will need to provide information about your circumstances in good time so that a decision on your request can be made.

Please note that problems related to books, clashing deadlines and computer or printer difficulties are not grounds for an extension.

To request an extension please complete the form below. We will respond to requests within two working days (wherever possible).

MA Extension Request Form

Once approved, extensions will need to be supported by completion of an Extenuating Circumstances form and you may need to submit medical evidence or other documentation, if appropriate. Extenuating Circumstances forms can be collected from the History reception or accessed here and should be submitted to the Postgraduate Support Manager. If you have a formal Learning Support Plan in place (provided to the Department by DDSS) which covers the circumstances under which you are requesting an extension, then further medical evidence should not be required. You can contact the Postgraduate Support Manager to check if you are unsure. 

2017-18 academic year:

Failure to submit all the assessed work by 25 September 2018 (or 25 September 2019 for part-time students starting their degree in September 2017) may prevent a student from receiving the award of the degree of MA in the autumn of that year.