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Assessment - Preparing your assessed work

Different modules will have different arrangements regarding their assessment, with many modules giving you considerable choice about what to write about in your essays. An overview of the requirements for each module are available on the individual module webpages. The module convenor will usually provide additional assessment guidance as part of the course booklet or as a separate document (most often these are shared on MOLE). 

You should also be in touch with your module tutors in order to discuss appropriate topics to write about, this should be done in plenty of time ahead of the deadline. This will allow your tutor to provide feedback and make sure that you have understood the requirements, and have selected an appropriate topic for the size of the exercise. If your module includes formative work (i.e. core modules and the dissertation), it is also important that you fully engage with these exercises allowing you to benefit from the feedback and incorporate it into your final assignment. More information on feedback.

Style Guide

The Department's style guide offers useful advice on presentation as well as guidelines about referencing and bibliographies.

The Style Guide is a very comprehensive document, so a Quick Style Guide covering the basics is also available here.

Presenting your work

Guidance on the information you should include with your essay.


If your research involves human participants i.e. through interviewing you will need to submit an ethics application before you begin.

Avoiding unfair means

It is important to be aware of the University's guidelines and how to avoid the use of unfair means.