Resubmission of assessed work


If you fail the assessed work for a module or modules, you will normally be required to submit a new piece of work. When the marks are released through MOLE you will also be contacted via email to let you know that you have failed. Your essay will then be considered at the appropriate MA exam board (held in March, June and October), a new deadline will be set and notified to you.

If you need to resubmit a piece of work, it is very important that you use the feedback from your tutor to help you make improvements to your work and pass the module. You will receive written feedback on your original essay and, as always, we would encourage you to both speak to your tutor in person about your feedback and speak to your tutor about your plans for your new essay.

Resubmitted assessed work can only be awarded a pass mark (i.e. a maximum of 50). Please note that if you obtain a lower fail mark at the second attempt, the higher mark will stand. 

Registering to resubmit

You will need to register and pay the appropriate fee for all resubmissions. More information as well as registration and payment links are available on the SSiD Postgraduate Reassessment webpage

What if I fail again after resubmission? 

If you successfully complete 165 credits of MA modules - including all core modules - then the exam board will, at the discretion of the examiners, consider you for the award of Masters degree. In this case, you must also have achieved a weighted average grade of not less than 50 and a mark of not less than 40 in the failed credits.

Students who do not pass 165 credits cannot be recommended for the award of a Masters degree but may be eligible for the award of a Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate. Students who fail to pass one of the core modules will only be eligible for consideration for the award of a Postgraduate Certificate. 

The University regulations concerning failures, resubmission and degree award can be found here.