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Careers support

History careers events 2018-19

We know that students are keen to start thinking about their career options early on in the MA programme, so we focus our departmental events in the Autumn semester.

The Careers Service

Find out what the Careers Service can do for you.

Careers with history

Careers information specifically aimed at history students.

Support for MA students

Find out about the Careers Service support available specifically for MA students.

Upcoming careers events

Find out about upcoming events organised by the Careers Service - look out for the Making it Count Series, aimed specifically at MA students including sessions from the Careers Service; Library and 301 Skills Development Service.

Finding that job

Whether you're looking for part-time work during your studies or thinking more long-term, the Careers Service can help.

Experience Sheffield

As a student at The University of Sheffield you have access to hundreds of opportunities to make your university experience unforgettable. Your experience will make you even more employable when you graduate. Find out what you can do, how you can get involved and what you can get out of your experience.