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As a postgraduate already committed to further study, demands on your time can seem overwhelming and it's easy to put off planning your next move. However, whatever stage you have reached within your postgraduate course or research, having clearly identified goals for the future will help you to maintain your focus and motivation so it's never too early to begin exploring the wide range of options open to you.

The University's Careers Service can help you understand how to make effective career decisions and prepare for careers which will satisfy your ambitions and use your talents. It offers a high quality integrated guidance, information and vacancy service for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University and all students are strongly encouraged to use its facilities.

Whilst you are at university there is much you can do to develop your employability both inside and outside of your studies. History itself is regarded by many employers as being an excellent subject in which to develop many transferable skills – for example critical and analytical ability, the expertise to write clearly and concisely, the ability to reach an informed judgement from diverse and complex information, skill in giving presentations.

These will be valued together with experiences you will gain in other settings, most likely from work experience and involvement in student activities and events and facilities offered by the Careers Service.

Careers Service 

The Careers Service offers a wide range of help and guidance, both online and in person, to help you explore your options, use your degree and develop your employability. They also have a Make it Count programme specifically aimed at MA students.