How We Will Contact You


You will receive regular emails containing important University and Departmental notices. These will be sent to your University of Sheffield email address so please make sure you check this regularly.

It is important that your University record always includes your most up-to-date address, as this record will be used by both the department and University central services when we need to contact you. You can check and change your University address using the myRecord tab in MUSE.


Many tutors will use MOLE to upload learning resources such as reading lists and course guides as well as to make announcements about particularly modules. The general History Online Postgraduate organisation in MOLE is where the minutes from the Postgraduate Committee meetings will be made available to you. This folder also gives you access to general resources such as the Departmental Style Guide.


There is an electronic annoucements noticeboard located in the History Online Postgrad organisation in MOLE, this is a good way of accessing information about upcoming events that you might be interested in.