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How the MA programmes works

University regulations

Admission to the University is subject to the requirement that you will comply with the University's registration procedure and will duly observe the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University. The General University Regulations apply to all students in all Faculties. Your attention is drawn to the 'General University Regulations' and the 'General Regulations for Higher Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Postgraduate Certificates'. 

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is the University's partnership document struck between staff and students as members of the University. It sets out what we all commit to do to ensure the best learning experience. It has been written by staff and students and is collectively owned by the University and the Students’ Union.

Our commitment is best understood as a statement of collective ethos, setting out the qualities and responsibilities underpinning the education on University of Sheffield degree programmes. It has been endorsed by the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University and the President of the Students' Union, on behalf of all staff and students. You should read this information carefully to make sure that you know both the commitment that you are making as a student and the commitment you can expect from our staff.

University Regulations Our Commitment

How the degree works

Information about how your degree works:

Modules and timetable

Find out what modules are available on your degree programme and when the seminars take place as well as information about changing your modules. 

You can also find your degree regulations using the Programme Regulation Finder.