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History facilities

Hot desks

The Department has its own designated research student workspaces and desks with computers that are available in the following locations:

  • Floor one central workspace – 8 desks
  • Floor two end workspace – 7 desks
  • Floor three central workspace - 8 desks
  • Floor three end workspace - 7 desks

Each desk includes a networked computer, which you can use to access a wide range of software, as well as a wide range of information sources including the Library Star and StarPlus catalogue.

If you prefer to use your own laptop, you are welcome to use the available network points to connect to the University network.

Please note, these desks are 'hot desks' with students welcome to use any desk available. However, research students who regularly use the departmental workspaces should be able to use the same desk, over a period of time.


There is are postgraduate printers on floors one and three (in the central workspace), where you can pay for printing using your uCard. There is also access to a departmental scanner.


Students are welcome to use both the open access storage and lockage under-desk storage in these areas to store academic resources but please remember that this is a shared area for all research students and you should respect the access rights of other users.