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Sources of financial support for your research

Information for scholarship holders

Information about payment and additional funding opportunities for students who have been awarded a scholarship for their research studies.

Scholarships office Twitter

Follow the scholarships office on Twitter for information about upcoming funding opportunities.

External funding bodies

A list of charities, foundations and trusts providing funding for postgraduate study as well as links to useful funding search sites.

The list includes a range of full scholarships and smaller awards. Some awards are dedicated to a particular purpose while others have more general eligibility criteria.

Additional funding links

Departmental research fund

PhD student can apply for up to a total of £150.00 each year. There are specific deadlines by which you must apply.

Please note that funding is limited and is not guaranteed. 

Full details and the application form are available here.

Arts and Humanities Research Portal

The Faculty Research Portal now has a dedicated page for PGR students offering a one-stop-shop for information about additional funding for conferences and external engagement events via LSF, DARE, AHPG Forum, and Arts Enterprise.

Petrie Watson Exhibitions

Petrie Watson Exhibitions are open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to support projects of an Arts nature.

There is one application round per year with applications normally closing in February.

Deadline 2017-18: 23 February 2018

Departmental prizes

The Bryan Marsden prize is available to support students undertaking research related to American history topics.

Deadline 2017-18: the deadline for 2017-18 has now passed

Two Departmental prizes are available to support postgraduate students undertaking research related to European history topics.

Deadline 2017-18: see above webpage